Vise Squad! 1/13/15 Soft Hackle Golden Stone



Golden Stoneflies are one of my favorite flies to tie and fish.  You can go for big and wiggly like Pat’s Rubberlegs, or go Pro Stonefly and make ’em real.

This Vise Squad! session I’m going to tie a D-Rib Golden Stone Softhackle which features an easy tie, not too time or material consuming, part imitation and part suggestive.  I first saw something like this tied by Carl Pennington, and hopefully he will show us the right way when he’s our guest tyer later in our Elkhorn Saturday Tying Demo season.

I’ll have kits ready – I’ll probably have plenty, but use the form  or send me an Email to make sure I hold one for you. 


  Softhackle Stone

Bill of Materials:   Softhackle Golden Stone

Hook:    3xl,  (TMC 200R, or DaiRiki 285) 8, 10, 12 Bead:   gold or copper, 3/16 #8, 5/32 #10   Thread:    UTC140  Tan or Hopper Yellow  Tail:    Biots, tan, or pale yellow    Abdomen:   D-Rib Amber, Medium      Flash:   Spooled Mirage, Medium.     Thorax   Senyo Laser Dub Dark Tan  SoftHackle:   Whiting Brahma, pale yellow   Collar:  More dubbing    NOTE:  This pattern is not dependent on specific materials, and it’s appropriate for lots of substitutions in colors or shades of biots and dubbing, darker hen hackle, etc.  Even the D-rib color can be varied for light or dark bodied versions