Vise Squad! 11/22/16 “Leftovers”



This is one week when the term “leftovers” is a winner!

I’ve been doing the Vise Squad! Sixpacks for several years, and almost every session I prepare more than are needed, so I’ve accumulated a lot of extras.  For Vise Squad! this week I’m making links to the patterns for for which I have leftover kits. These are all patterns we’ve done since January, when I started including the videos.  

Vise Squad!   A casual, semi-social gathering of thirsty fly tyers. We meet every 2d and 4th Tuesday, at Big Beaver Brewery.  No charge, but you may want to purchase a beer, and the Bratwurst is highly recommended.  Bring your own stuff and tie what you want, or  order a convenient Vise Squad! Sixpack, a sample fly with all hooks and materials for you to tie a half-dozen of the featured fly

 You can enlarge the photos for a preview, and click on a link that goes back to the original Vise Squad! post, where you can find the video, downloadable tying instructions, and the Sixpack order form.  Here’s your chance to get any of the kits you missed, or pick one of your favorites to tie a few more! Some of these are limited in quantity, so use the form to reserve one or several!  If you aren’t attending this week, order anyway and choose the “hold it for me at the shop” option  (or the Home Delivery option, holiday priced at $50.00 plus mileage).