Hopper Juan or more

Hopper season is coming soon, and I frequently get asked about a good floating hopper that’s not too hard to tie.  It’s hard to beat foam, so this week I plan on tying some Hopper Juan foam hoppers, a pattern by Juan Ramirez of Colorado Springs.  The photo of the fly and the materials is from his website;    http://hopperjuan.blogspot.com/

The materials for a tan over pink hopper are:
Dai Riki 700 or 710 hook, #8
UTC thread, 140 denier, tan or gray or  brown
Pre cut foam chernobyl ant bodies, medium
MFC rubber legs, speckled tan
MFC wing material
Krystal Flash, pearl
Deer Hair
Gator hair for hotspot.

Special tools – Hair Stacker.  You will need some super glue, any kind and just a little of it. I will bring some pre-cut foam, and a cutter so you can see how slick it works.