Fishing soft hackles on the downstream swing is a great way to entice all species of trout when nothing else is working. The natural pulsating motion caused by the soft hackle has a very fish enticing quality. This style of fishing /tying have been employed in the hunt for trout for many years and have deep roots in fly fishing in the United States.
In the class we will cover designing and tying soft hackle flies with an emphasis on the use of modern easier to use materials. In past soft hackle designs, items like silk and difficult to obtain feathers were often used, but with all the new materials available this is no longer necessary.

The class will cover the following topics:

Material selection and application
Hackle selection
Hook selection
Thread selection
Tying styles and tying application
Modern materials vs Classic materials

Instructor to provide:

All materials
Specialty tools if needed

Students to provide:

Tying vise
Tying tools-must have hackle pliers
Uni 8/0 & 6/0 threads
Lamp-if needed

Instructor: Jason Haddix

Class size-6
Class Duration-3 hours
Cost – $75.00