Saturday Tying Demo – Marty Staab

Elkhorn Saturday Tying Demo Held Over Another Week

Fishing can be good in the rain. But you do tend to get wet.

If you’d rather stay dry and indoors this Saturday, drop by the shop for Marty Staab’s Encore Presentation of our Saturday tying demo program.

“I will be tying a few patterns that have been good to me this spring on the Bighorn River in Montana, and some of the stillwater patterns I’ll plan on using to further my commitment to get better at fishing the big lakes this season.”

The recipe list is not yet complete, but will include Bighorn patterns such as the Pinky, Root Beer Midge, JuJu PMD, and dries such as the Crippled Thor, Last Chance Cripple, and Film Critic. The list will also include stillwater patterns such as Rickard’s Stillwater Nymph, Mother’s Midge, a Ray Delaney Scud, a Cowabunga Callibaetis spinner, a Quigley Cripple, and a couple of dependable night fishing flies.

Tying program Elkhorn 052415 Marty Staab



TMF Chironomid

All Purpose Chironomid


Arty Damsel





Veterans Tying Night – Elkhorn Flyshop


It’s the second Wednesday of the month! We are pleased to host the Platte Rivers Chapter of Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing fly tying evening, at Elkhorn Flyshop.

Marty Staab of Elkhorn Flyshop will host the event and provide instruction and assistance, with help from other experienced tyers.

Veterans of all abilities are welcome. The evening will be part tying class for beginners, but with opportunities for open tying with experienced instruction available.

This month we will tie a few of the more popular leeches for lakes the veterans will have an opportunity to fish this summer

For additional information, contact Jordan Cable, Colorado Veteran Liason for the Platte Rivers Chapter of Project Healing Waters. Jordan can be reached at

Project Healing Waters Facebook

phw platte river


Saturday Tying Demo – 5/9/15 Casey Prather

What to do on a rainy day in May? How about a Saturday Doubleheader!

Hang out at a flyshop and watch Casey Prather tie flies, then stick around for a presentation by Tom Sabol on an interesting “Front Range Trout” App he designed as a resource for the flyfisherman.

Casey will begin tying at 10AM to noon, and we can expect a crazy variety of baitfish patterns, including at least one he’s going to tie with an airbrush! Many of us know Casey from JAX, and we always enjoy his enthusiasm for the fly and flyfishing.

Shortly following Casey’s demonstration, Tom Sabol will give a 30 minute presentation to introduce us to an App he designed covering the South Platte River drainage, which includes the St. Vrain, Big T, Boulder Creek, and Poudre rivers, plus tributaries.

” Front Range Trout” gives anglers a step by step path to intelligently fish the Front Range waters of the South Platte Drainage. This application has hundreds of access points for waters on the Big Thompson River, Boulder Creek, South Boulder Creek, Clear Creek, Cache La Poudre River, and the South Platte River proper, and its many tributaries. More water than you could fish in a lifetime, as well as hatch charts and pattern recommendations for the rivers and streams.

(And if that’s not enough, I think he’s working on training it to tie #26 midges!)



Links to the app can be found at:



and Thomas’ website, can be found at:

FrontRangeTrout image


Elkhorn Tying Demo 5/2/15 Thadd Strom


thadd strom photo

Thadd Strom Image by Lonny Garris

Thadd Strom is our guest tyer this Saturday. It was my good fortune to sit next to him at the West Denver TU tying expo last Februrary, and got a chance to watch him work and interact with other tyers. Many of you have met him, or seen him tie at the Rocky Mountain Flycasters tying expo, and you already know he’s a talented tyer and truly outgoing person. We are pleased to have him appear at our Saturday tying demo.




Tying Demo 4/25/15 Chuck Esch



Terracotta warriors

Chuck’s Flybox


If you have ever been to Vise squad, and peeked at Chuck’s flybox, you would have seen rows and rows of immaculate flies, each pattern represented by a dozen identical specimens, from small baetis through damsels and hoppers and on to big bushy streamers that belong on a leash and should have individual names.

Well, here’s your chance to see how it’s done! Chuck will be our guest tyer this Saturday, and will demonstrate a variety of his favorites. His work features not only diligently tied standards, but also unique patterns of his design using modern materials.




Tying Demo Saturday 4/18/15 – Debra Perez

This Saturday we welcome Debra Perez as our guest tyer.

Debra is originally from New Mexico, started flyfishing 16 years ago with her husband Andy. When Andy became a guide on the San Juan River, she started tying flies to help keep his boxes full of the most effective patterns.

Among the patterns she will demonstrate are the Cream Envy midge, a micro tube fly, and a foam wing emerger. Expect some small patterns! The San Juan rainbows are notorious for preferring tiny flies.

The San Juan River is a premier fishery, and midge patterns and tactics are honed to perfection on that water. Don’t miss this Saturday’s demo – we will surely learn a lot!

Join us for coffee, a donut, and some tying!

Saturday Tying Demo 4/11/15 Connor Murphy

Saturday Tying Demo 4/11/15 Connor Murphy

connor 2011

It has fins = fair game!


They grow up so fast!

Connor instigated a flyfishing club as a high school student a few years ago, and in short order began appearing as a demonstration tyer, here at Elkhorn, and at other area flyshops, then the Flyfishing Shows and the big tying expos, in Fly Fusion Magazine, and suddenly he’s a college kid approaching a degree.

Lest you think real life will slow him down when he graduates and gets a job, he is studying fish biology at Colorado State.

This Saturday he will by tying a variety for us, from small trout flies to big articulated stuff, and we are excited to see what he has developed since his last visit.

connor 2014

“Best of the West” award, 2014

connor 2013

All those scissors, and no haircut!



Saturday Tying Demo 4/18/15 – Debra Perez

This Saturday we welcome Debra Perez as our guest tyer. She is originally from New Mexico, and picked up flyfishing 16 years ago from her husband Andy. When he began guiding on the San Juan River and needed flies for his clients, Debra began tying flies for him and has been tying ever since.

Join us for coffee, a donut, and some tying!



Elkhorn turns 25!

Spring Customer Appreciation Event Featuring Zen Tenkara

Join us in Celebrating as we welcome Zen Fly Fishing to the Elkhorn community! We will be celebrating with lots of give-aways, a raffle and special pricing on special inventory (wink, wink, nudge, nudge)!

  • 10-12 Elkhorn Saturday Fly Tying Demo – Dave Sanchez
  • 1 pm Introduction to Tenkara presentation
  • 1:30 pm Tenkara casting demo
  • 2 pm Kebari tying demo
  • 2:30 pm Distance casting demo
  • 3:00 Free Casting Clinic with Jim Tilmant (space limited registration required)

Feeney’s Weenies will be here if you are in the mood for a fantastic Chicago style hot dog!

Receive one raffle ticket for every $10 spent, additional tickets can also be purchased for $1.

Raffle items include:

  • Zako Tenkara Rod (Zen)
  • Baichi Tenkara Rod (Zen)
  • Kyojin Tenkara Rod (Zen)
  • Traveler 8′ 3 wt and green Z1 reel
  • Namaqua 9′ 5wt rod
  • Tenkara guided trip

All raffle proceeds will be donated to the local chapter of Project Healing Waters.


    A big shout out to our sponsors who support Project Healing Waters through their donations!




TenkaraStone CreekPeppers Eyewear

Stone Creek

Saturday Tying Demo – 4/4/15 Dave Sanchez


Come see what Dave Sanchez is cooking! Last year it was tough to watch his Tying Demo with the aroma of Posole and red chile wafting through the shop, but we thoroughly enjoyed the wait watching Dave tie his favorite patterns.

This year’s menu is still a secret, but you won’t want to miss it! Dave insists that a great source of his enjoyment of flyfishing, and life, is socializing with friends. So, be prepared for a fun time, with friends, and laughing, and snacks to be determined.