Saturday Tying Demo – Shawn and Hunter LeLoup

This Saturday, father and son duo Shawn and Hunter LeLoup demonstrate their favorite patterns for the Big T and Rocky Mountain National Park. SEE the post.


If you haven’t been our Saturday tying program before, it’s a free, casual demonstration displayed on the big screen, while we drink coffee, nibble on snacks, and talk fishing and fly-tying!

Elkhorn Saturday Tying Demo – 10/3/15 -Adam Omernick


This Saturday we welcome Adam Omernick as our guest tyer. Adam is immersed in flyfishing, as a certified casting instructor, a flyfishing guide (both Western and Tenkara), and through his business Zen Tenkara (

We can expect a variety of styles and patterns, and a good time!

Saturday Tying Demo – 10/10/15 Shawn and Hunter LeLoup

Team Flytying!

Join us for our fly tying demo at Elkhorn flyshop this Saturday at 10AM. It’s free, including the coffee!

This Saturday father and son fly fishing and tying team, Shawn and Hunter Leloup, will be presenting their favorite patterns for fishing the Big Thompson Canyon and in RMNP.

Shawn, a native of upstate New York, has been fishing his whole life on both rivers and lakes. Fly fishing in Colorado for 10 years, he has brought his 11 year old son Hunter into the wonderful hobby of fly fishing and tying. Hunter started fly fishing and tying basic flies at the tender age of 7. Now an accomplished fishing and tying aficionado, Hunter enjoys the late nights tying and long days on the river with his dad.

The duo will be tying some everyday flies with a twist and hopefully some new ones you haven’t used or seen before.

Saturday Tying Demo 9/26/15

Fall kickoff – Elkhorn Saturday Fly Tying Demos are Back!



Fall has arrived, and the turning of the Aspen signals the return of Elkhorn Saturday Fly Tying Demonstrations!

This Saturday Tony McColl will get things started. Tony is an active tyer, a regular at our Saturday demos, Vise Squad, and local tying clubs. His fishing itinerary includes not only local waters, but neighboring fisheries such as the South Platte at Deckers, and some high altitude lakes in the Leadville area.

Join us as we grill him for information as he demonstrates his favorite flies.




Elkhorn Saturday

Elkhorn Tying Demo Canceled on Account of Weather! (Just kidding – click on the 9/26 post in the right column)

There will be no tying demo this Saturday. As much as Marty enjoys tying demo, our Saturday program is taking a weekend off. The Big T dropped to a level you can wade, and the Park is full of hungry fish, and the weather is just too nice to stay indoors too long, so drop by and pick up a spool of tippet and go catch a fish!

Stay tuned! We still have plans for Saturday programs in coming weeks, sometimes tying, and sometimes other programs of interest to flyfishermen.



They are calling your name! Photo courtesy Steve Schweitzer






Tying Demo – Attractors


DEFINITION: ATTRACTOR: An attractor is a set of states (points in the phase space), invariant under the dynamics, towards which neighboring states in a given basin of attraction asymptotically approach in the course of dynamic evolution.

That’s all well and good if you are into chaos theory in applied mathematics, but what I have in mind is flies!

There is not always a hatch to figure out. Even when there is, it often pays to throw something bizarre that will stand out in the crowd. This Saturday the theme is Attractor Flies. These patterns don’t try to imitate a specific bug, but instead incorporate a number of “trigger” features that get reckless fish interested, or are ambiguous enough that a motivated fish is inclined to believe resembles something on the menu.

I will be tying a few well known attractors such as the Prince, some dries like the Royal PMX, and, and a few of the more recent designs such as the Rainbow Prince, Rainbow Warrior, and Chili Pepper streamer.

If you have any doubts about the effectiveness of attractor flies, just look at the past winners of the Jackson Hole “One Fly” contest winners!


attractor image

An unusual complex attractor with a high degree of rotational symmetry

Open a copy of the recipe list for Saturday’s patterns



Saturday Tying Demo – Marty One More Time

Elkhorn Saturday Tying Demo and Bighorn Fishing Report

Let the Tying Demos Continue! It’s still raining, so I’m still tying flies!.

Somewhere under there is my parade. Photo by Haley Luna.

Somewhere under there is my parade. Photo by Haley Luna.

Sooner or later the weather will break, and the waters will recede, and then it will be “Fishermen, start your engines”! Until then, Brian says to continue the Saturday tying program and have some fun. I’ve been on the Bighorn River in Montana lately and didn’t get any fresh talent booked, so this week you will get another ration of Marty. I’ve got some ideas for future Saturdays, so in the coming weeks we should have some variety.

This week’s theme will be “Dry Flies” (and I hope you appreciate the irony of that theme).

I hear from a lot of tyers who just never got started tying dries, but would like to get into it a bit more. So this session I will tie all dry flies, including classic hackled catskill, a parachute, a “hackle stacker”, Thorax duns, and a palmered Elk Hair Caddis. I’ll also demonstrate some deer hair comparadun tying, and a couple of techniques for tying with CDC.

Check back first thing in the morning and I will have a link for a PDF recipe list.


Afterbay, Bighorn River MT at about 14,000 cfs. Photo by Hale Harris, Bighorn Trout Shop


Did I say I just got back from the Bighorn? 14,000 cfs must have scared everyone away, because for three days it was pretty much my private river.

Highlights: I had been waiting for 6 weeks to complain about hot weather, and I got my wish. It rained once, I think, but the drops only hit two of the three people in my boat. The water was clear, and the fishing was outstanding.

(Our boat was manned by one Texan, one New Englander. I was to serve as interpreter, but we soon learned that flyfishermen mostly speak the same language anyway.)

Veterans Tying Night – Elkhorn Flyshop


t’s the second Wednesday of the month! We are pleased to host the Platte Rivers Chapter of Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing fly tying evening, at Elkhorn Flyshop.

Marty Staab of Elkhorn Flyshop will host the event and provide instruction and assistance, with help from other experienced tyers.

Veterans of all abilities are welcome. The evening will be part tying class for beginners, but with opportunities for open tying with experienced instruction available.

This month we will tie a few of the more popular leeches for lakes the veterans will have an opportunity to fish this summer

For additional information, contact Jordan Cable, Colorado Veteran Liason for the Platte Rivers Chapter of Project Healing Waters. Jordan can be reached at

Project Healing Waters Facebook

phw platte river


Saturday Tying Demo June 6, 2015 – Marty Again



Salmonfly Season!

If it’s going to rain, we’ll just keep extending our Saturday Tying demo season!

This Saturday Marty will demonstrate a variety of stonefly patterns. The Salmonfly season is right around the corner, with bugs active on the Colorado, and the North Platte, and soon to be the ticket on the famous rivers north of here. And the techniques for tying are mix-and-match transferrable to brown stones, golden stones, skwalas, and other patterns.

Join us for another Saturday tying demo at Elkhorn!

Tying recipes: Tying program Elkhorn 060615







Saturday “Fly Tarring” Demo – Elkhorn May 30, 2015



Mark McMillan demonstrates his improved “iron on feathers” technique.

We all know that flies seem to work a little better when they have been chewed on a bit. Saturday’s demo by Acme Paving will show how to pre-stress a season’s worth of flies in one short turn of the drum! (It is highly recommended that you remove flies from your flybox before attempting this technique.)


Fly Tarring Demo this Saturday (No Tying Demo)

You guys wore out our parking lot with our fantastic turnouts for Tying Demonstrations this season, so we will be resurfacing the parking areas west and east of the shop. The only time we can do this falls on Saturday, and because parking will be limited we have reluctantly canceled the tying demo.

It’s a real shame – Marty was going to tie 6 secret patterns that are easy to tie, using common materials, which always work, all year long, especially on bigger fish, and are best presented with short, sloppy casts and allowed to drag.

The shop will still be open, and the parking in front unobstructed. Stop by for 10% off fly tying materials anyway!