Vise Squad! July 26, 2016




HOOK: Dai Riki 135 #14

THREAD:  8/0, black, or match the color of your head dubbing

ABDOMEN chartreuse or metallic green ultra wire, brassie size

COLLAR ostrich, olive

ANTENNA Krystal Flash, Lime Green

HEAD: Hare’s Ice Dubbing, Peacock or Caddis Green

Click Here for a large print copy of RoboPupa tying tips

 Here’s a nice caddis to use in your summertime Hopper/Dropper rigs. The wire body helps sink the fly without the need for tungsten or brass beads, and the wire and hare’s ice provide an ideal amount of “shine” rather than a loud flash.

 Green is a common caddisfly color for our rivers, but yellows, orange, and good old brass are also effective.

Get a kit, drop by for a beer, and tie a half-dozen.  You will be quickly armed with a good dropper fly, just in time for prime fishing on the Thompson and Poudre! These bugs will be around ’til the end of summer, so you may want to tie even more!

 badgeVise Squad!   A casual, semi-social gathering of thirsty fly tyers. We meet every 2d and 4th Tuesday, at Big Beaver Brewery.  No charge, but you may want to purchase a beer, and the Bratwurst is highly recommended.  Bring your own stuff and tie what you want, or  order a convenient Vise Squad! Sixpack, a sample fly with all hooks and materials for you to tie a half-dozen of the featured fly

Introduction to Fly Tying

Introduction to Fly Tying.  This class is perfect for beginners, even those who have never before seen a fly tied!  You will learn how to use the vise, tools and equipment, then dive right in and tie a fly!   You will leave knowing how to start your thread, bind and wrap materials to the hook, and tie a finishing knot with the mysterious “Whip Knot” tool.   You will leave the class with several useful flies you have tied, and enough hooks and materials to tie a few more at home.

This is a perfect foundation for taking the “Fundamentals of Fly Tying” class.  

You don’t need to bring anything – All tools, equipment, hooks and materials are provided.  The location for all sessions is Elkhorn Fly Shop.

    Fee:                     $35
    Class size:             3-5
    Sessions:              One session, 2 hrs

    Primary Instructor:  Marty Staab

    Dates and Times:        Saturday, July 23, 8AM to 10AM at Elkhorn

Prince Charming is coming

Trout are worthy adversaries, and river fishing is always fun, but spring runoff can often limit your  options.  Time to expand your horizons and try a little fly-rodding for bass!  The Prince Charming foam frog is fun to tie, and the bass find it . . .  chewy.

Other good flyrod patterns for bass are poppers, crawfish, and Bluegill patterns.  Stop by Elkhorn and check them out!

Stay tuned for an upcoming video tutorial on tying the Prince Charming.


(Follow the link for some cool video of bass eating frogs)

Saturday Tying Demo – Pot Luck Round 2

Uncle Sam

Saturday Tying Demo Grand Finale

– Marty’s Challenge!


Last Saturday we got a treat when Jerry D’Amato answered the call for volunteers to demonstrate, and he shared some great tips on scissors, tying techniques, and materials!

This Saturday we will continue with our Potluck theme, in which our Demo attendees are invited/encouraged/commanded, if necessary, to step forward and tie a pattern for the crowd.

Here is the challenge:

  1.   If at least two volunteers step forward to demonstrate a favorite pattern, and
  2.   If I get two people to tie an Olive Wooly Bugger, following my verbal instructions,

then Marty will tie a Clouser Minnow, blindfolded!


Peak Vise We will have a Peak vise  and a Regal tying lamp set up, and the basic tools (scissors, whip finisher, hackle pliers etc).  All you need to bring is the thread, hooks and materials for your fly.

For the challenge, Marty will provide the materials for the wooly bugger, and verbal instructions.

And I’ll bring the blindfold!

Let’s have some fun for this last Saturday Tying Demo of the season!






Saturday Demo – Pot Luck!

Saturday Tying Demo – Pot Luck / Open Vise

10AM Saturday, May 14

potluck graphic

 This Saturday is a Pot Luck Demo – you have been invited to bring your favorite pattern and sit behind the vise for a few minutes and tell us how you do it!

Let’s have some fun!  Bring a sample pattern, a hook or two, and a bag of the materials you need.  We will have a Peak vise, lamp, and an array of tools so you don’t need to bring much.

I have a few volunteers, but need more, so please bring stuff and let me know when you arrive that you are prepared to tie.

Remember – if we get enough volunteers, we won’t have to conscript!



Saturday Demo – Rob Stout

Saturday May 7  10AM

Rob Stout


Rob Stout will be our tyer this Saturday.  Yet another young pup that can tie in the dark without glasses!

Rob is getting an early start in the fly tying world, and has been a guest tyer at Trout Unlimited fly tying expos along the front range, and we are pleased to get him on our Saturday lineup.

Although the image here is of a beast of a carp, Rob’s pattern list includes streamers and other trout flies.  Click here for a preview of his tying recipes  RobStoutFlyTyingDemoRecipeList



Saturday Tying Demo – Michael Ringus

Saturday, April 23, 2016 

10AM at Elkhorn Flyshop


Michael Ringus enjoys tying many of the classic patterns, from simple wet flies to salmon flies.  Saturday he will tie a few patterns to demonstrate some of the tying techniques, and discuss the substitutions available to tie these patterns without all those impossible-to-find feathers.

These flies straddle the line between lure and art, and the attention to proportion and detail in tying them will surely improve our tying on modern patterns.


AkroydMOM flies book

Elkhorn hosts a guest tyer each Saturday at 10AM all winter, starting in September and through April and beyond.  It’s free, and all are welcome.  Drop by for coffee and fly tying and fishing talk.

Saturday Tying Demo – John Majerus

Saturday, April 16

10AM to noon at Elkhorn



Our guest tyer this week is John Majerus.  Join us to see what a successful local guide ties!

Elkhorn hosts a guest tyer each Saturday at 10AM all winter, starting in September and through April and beyond.  It’s free, and all are welcome.  Drop by for coffee and fly tying and fishing talk.


Saturday Tying Demo – Domingo Rodriguez

April 9, Saturday 10AM to noon

Czech Nymphs!

This Saturday we welcome Domingo Rodriguez, who will be tying “Czech Nymphs”.  You may know Domingo from his tireless efforts in behalf of the Rocky Mountain Flycasters Trout Unlimited chapter in Fort Collins.  He has immersed himself in this style of fishing for the last several years, and has experience as a volunteer at Team USA flyfishing events.  You won’t want to miss this introduction to a unique style of tying and fly-fishing. 



Elkhorn hosts a guest tyer each Saturday at 10AM all winter, starting in September and through April and beyond.  It’s free, and all are welcome.  Drop by for coffee and fly tying and fishing talk.