AMP 10 ft 5 wt FLY ROD COMBO


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The Rod
Elkhorn’s Absolute Maximum Performance Rod series of rods is designed with performance and aesthetics in mind. This fly rod is finished with an “unsanded” blank which adds strength and reliability to the rod while adding a beautiful olive acrylic finish. This is a medium-fast action rod with a progressive taper that will definitely suit any level of caster with its control and feel. You won’t find a better value in the market from any maker at any price if you’re shopping for a high end rod – Period!
The Reel
Liquid courage. Let’s face it, die-cast reels are intended to be low-cost alternatives to machined reels, right? Imported. Heavier. Easier to damage. Plain Jane. Well . . . not anymore. When creating Liquid, we focused purely on the virtues and advantages a pressure-cast process can offer. Structurally, you can do things with casting that you can’t machine: Full-radius compound curves. Near zero-radius inside corners. And for a precision fit and finish, we even go back and machine the cast part in critical areas—amplifying the best aspects of both worlds. We pushed back on other boundaries as well. How much of a reel at this cost can we make here in the US.? Quite a lot, as it turns out. It’s a good mix, too. Liquid’s high-quality castings are imported, but the components critical to the drag system are CNC-machined in the US. Liquid reels are assembled in Boise alongside our highest-priced reels. No other $130 reel can boast this much US content and quality oversight.

The Combo

We have put together the AMP Fly Rod, the Lamson Liquid Reel and a Scientific Angler Fly Line to create a high performance Combo at an unbeatable PRICE for you!!

Additional information

Weight 2.5 lbs
Choose your Rod

10' 0" 5 weight – Olive

Lamson Liquid Reel

5 Plus Reel

Color of Reel


Casting Set Up

Right Hand Cast/Left Hand Retrieve, Left Hand Cast/Right Hand Retrieve

Fly Line Option

Scientific Angler Fly Line, No Fly Line


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