Silvers, Bears and Broken Fly Rods!

Believe it or not I broke this rod (Traveler 9′ 10wt) on a 20lb Silver in Kodiak, Alaska the fish was a fighter and it kept coming out of the water and I was getting him close to the bank when a 9 foot bear came into the water across the river from me and the fish was not all fought out but with a bear swimming my way across the hole from me and the fish I tried to drag it out of the water so that I could get it off of my line. The fish took another jump the bear was hauling ass my way and I was yanking when I heard snap…. The rod was in pieces and the fish was still on so I grabbed the fly line and yanked and broke off the line and backed away from the river. The bear was pissed and I had to pepper spray it to leave us alone. It was a crazy day on the river I really like the way this fly rod handles and am excited to get back to Kodiak this September to chase more Silvers, and less bears….

Thanks, for making such a great fly rod.

Brad Brian