Vise Squad! July 26, 2016




HOOK: Dai Riki 135 #14

THREAD:  8/0, black, or match the color of your head dubbing

ABDOMEN chartreuse or metallic green ultra wire, brassie size

COLLAR ostrich, olive

ANTENNA Krystal Flash, Lime Green

HEAD: Hare’s Ice Dubbing, Peacock or Caddis Green

Click Here for a large print copy of RoboPupa tying tips

 Here’s a nice caddis to use in your summertime Hopper/Dropper rigs. The wire body helps sink the fly without the need for tungsten or brass beads, and the wire and hare’s ice provide an ideal amount of “shine” rather than a loud flash.

 Green is a common caddisfly color for our rivers, but yellows, orange, and good old brass are also effective.

Get a kit, drop by for a beer, and tie a half-dozen.  You will be quickly armed with a good dropper fly, just in time for prime fishing on the Thompson and Poudre! These bugs will be around ’til the end of summer, so you may want to tie even more!

 badgeVise Squad!   A casual, semi-social gathering of thirsty fly tyers. We meet every 2d and 4th Tuesday, at Big Beaver Brewery.  No charge, but you may want to purchase a beer, and the Bratwurst is highly recommended.  Bring your own stuff and tie what you want, or  order a convenient Vise Squad! Sixpack, a sample fly with all hooks and materials for you to tie a half-dozen of the featured fly