Vise Squad! 3/24/15


I enjoyed wandering around and visiting the last couple of Vise Squad! sessions, but the guest hosts (Judson Knowles/Soft Hackle Pheasant Tail, and Zen Tenkara/Tenkara flies) were so awesome I’m worried about losing my spot on the letterhead!

So this week you get me again.

This week’s pattern is a thorax-style dry fly you can use for the blue-winged olive hatches that are just getting started, and in a month and a half start tying the same thing in Pale Morning Dun colors!

This style has a lot going for it – low profile, good floater, and easier to tie than a lot of dries because wrapping hackle directly into dubbing helps it stand up straight.

The materials are common and you may already have them, and you might want to try this style in a bigger size or other colors.  If you want a kit, it will include a gray-olive dubbing and medium dun hackle appropriate for the Dai Riki 310 straight eye hook, size 16.


Hope to see you at the Big Beaver for an evening of tying!


barr vis-a-dun

Barr Viz-a-Dun, tied by Charlie Craven

Click here for a preview of the materials and tying tips:Recipe VizaDun

Click  for a link to Charlie Craven’s tying instructions:  Charlie’s Flybox