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Advanced Fly Tying Class – with Jason Haddix



Participant cost: $175.00                                              Max participants: 4-6

Dates: SESSION 1 -MAR 26     4:30 to 7:30

            SESSION 2 –  April 2   4:30 to 7:30


To reserve a spot, call Elkhorn Flyshop at 970-227-4707


This multi part course will be aimed at taking the student through the basics of working with different types of hair in order to tie a variety of useful patterns for everything from trout streamers to bass bugs.

Each participant will be taught the following skills

Session 1


Selecting hair by type/species

Hair selection- appropriate application for each hair type

Hooks-how and when each hook type should be used

Tools-bobbins, hair stackers, scissors, hair packers, razor blades and more will be covered. The pros and cons for each style/brand as well as safely using them to get max results.

Threads-selecting the best thread for each type of hair and why

Weed guards-materials choices and how to appropriately attach multiple styles.

Foul guards-cover multiple styles and placement for use in tails


Tying steps-basic spinning, stacking and packing skills to culminte in the production of one to two basic hair bass bugs.


Session 2

Building on session 1 skills and adding the following


Building a dense deer bass bug-step by step in two colors

Stripes-how to both spin a stripe of hair to build a banded bug and how to stack hair to create a banded bass bug

Spots-how to insert spots of color in any place from sides to belly to spots within spots

blending/mottling-this covers how to fold together colors of hair to create shaded areas/spots

Shaping-the use of a double edge razor blade to cut various shapes of heads and bodies.

Burning-cautery tool will be used in order to make sockets for items such as eyes and so on

Legs-we will cover how to thread legs through a body once it’s finished and how to apply them during the stacking/spinning process.



Participants will need to provide the following items for this course

Vise, basic tying tools, hair scissors, 200 denier gel spun tying thread, basic 140 denier white tying thread, deer hair packer-cohen fugly packer jr or dyna king packer


Instructor will provide the following items for the course

Deer body hair, deer belly hair, samples of alternate hair types, handout, cautery tool to share

Weed guard material, glue, razor blades, hair stackers