Tube Fly Essentials

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“Tube Fly Essentials” with Jason Haddix


Date:                   Sunday, Feb 26,2017  (Sunday evening)
Class duration:   3-4 hours
Class size:           4      (an additional class date will be scheduled if interest exceeds 4 tyers)
Instructor:          Jason Haddix
Cost:                    $65
Fly tiers wanting to further their knowledge and skills will appreciate what advantages tube flies have to offer.  Skills learned from class can be applied to trout, steelhead, warm water and even saltwater patterns. Tube flies are tied on small diameter tubing which allows you to keep the fly and the hook separate. This allows the tier or angler more versatility and customizing by swapping hooks when one dulls or bends. Same thing if the fly gets damaged. Also, having the hook separate from the fly allows the angler better control of how the hook rides through the water. 
In this class you will learn the basic tube fly construction and tying techniques used to build a variety of effective patterns that will fish well on our local waters and beyond… 
Class will cover:  
– discussion of different types of tube fly systems from several manufacturers
– hooks to use and reasons behind them 
– tube fly tools, adapters and vises
– tying techniques and basic skills for tying 4-6 patterns useful for local waters 
– brief discussion of rigging and fishing styles of tubes  
Student will need to provide: Vise, tying tools, Tying lamp if desired, lighter or cautery tool, thread 
Class will provide: Heritage angling products tube fly needle/pin,  Tubing, select components, general materials