Steve Schweitzer Tying Demo – 2/28/15 at Elkhorn Flyshop

 Steve Schweitzer – Panfish flies with foamsandwich_foam_poppers-8211


For those of you waiting to see a repeat of Steve’s fantastic program on painting hard foam poppers with Copic felt-marker-based airbrush – well, this isn’t it.

Steve has gone soft on us.  But that’s a good thing!  Drop by Saturday to see his equally fantastic program on panfish patterns, featuring multi-colored craft foam poppers for panfish.  

It’s not just poppers – Steve has developed patterns for the entire water column, from subsurface to high and dry. 

Steve’s creativity is astounding, and we look forward to his designs for use on panfish of all “stripes”,  from bluegill to crappie and white bass and including largemouth! 

This Saturday he will show us how to stack, glue, cut  and shape foam cylinders for flies and poppers in all sizes, for fish from brim to Billy Bass.  

Panfish opportunities are plentiful in our own backyard, and it’s a great way to double or triple the time you can spend each season with a flyrod in hand!  Sure, you can mow the lawn or paint the gutters if you enjoy that kind of stuff, but just think – an hour is all it takes to get to a pond, play with the fish, and still get home in time for your favorite reality show. 


Sandwiched Foam Popper

 Buckeye Pops

Buckeye Pops



 What prompted Steve to switch from those hard foam poppers to the soft variety?  We asked a panel of experts, and the prevailing theory is that Steve made the switch because of a persistent tailing loop with heavily weighted streamers and the resulting head doctor’s  recommendation.  Alternative theories are that it may be related to something from his childhood.  Check out the following images from Steve’s scrapbook and let us know if you see anything that might have triggered this new passion.

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 Catin Hat



  pippi-longstocking-cover munchkinsocks