Saturday Tying Demo – Pot Luck Round 2

Uncle Sam

Saturday Tying Demo Grand Finale

– Marty’s Challenge!


Last Saturday we got a treat when Jerry D’Amato answered the call for volunteers to demonstrate, and he shared some great tips on scissors, tying techniques, and materials!

This Saturday we will continue with our Potluck theme, in which our Demo attendees are invited/encouraged/commanded, if necessary, to step forward and tie a pattern for the crowd.

Here is the challenge:

  1.   If at least two volunteers step forward to demonstrate a favorite pattern, and
  2.   If I get two people to tie an Olive Wooly Bugger, following my verbal instructions,

then Marty will tie a Clouser Minnow, blindfolded!


Peak Vise We will have a Peak vise  and a Regal tying lamp set up, and the basic tools (scissors, whip finisher, hackle pliers etc).  All you need to bring is the thread, hooks and materials for your fly.

For the challenge, Marty will provide the materials for the wooly bugger, and verbal instructions.

And I’ll bring the blindfold!

Let’s have some fun for this last Saturday Tying Demo of the season!