Saturday Tying Demo – Marty Staab

  Elkhorn Saturday Tying Demo Held Over Another Week

Fishing can be good in the rain.  But you do tend to get wet.

 If you’d rather stay dry and indoors this Saturday, drop by the shop for Marty Staab’s  Encore Presentation of our Saturday tying demo program.

“I will be tying a few patterns that have been good to me this spring on the Bighorn River in Montana, and some of the stillwater patterns I’ll plan on using to further my commitment to get better at  fishing the big lakes this season.”

The recipe list is not yet complete, but will include Bighorn patterns such as the Pinky, Root Beer Midge, JuJu PMD, and dries such as the Crippled Thor, Last Chance Cripple, and Film Critic.  The list will also include stillwater patterns such as Rickard’s Stillwater Nymph, Mother’s Midge, a Ray Delaney Scud, a Cowabunga Callibaetis spinner,  a Quigley Cripple, and a couple of dependable night fishing flies.

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TMF Chironomid

All Purpose Chironomid


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