Rocky Mountain Flycasters Trout Unlimited Guest Night


Guest Night – Wednesday, November 16, 6:30 PM


Some of us are headed to the Rocky Mountain Flycasters Trout Unlimited Guest Night, and we are going to arrange a caravan/carpool opportunity if you would like to join us!  Just come by the shop by 6PM. Bring a friend!  There may be opportunities to carpool, but we can at least make sure .

It’s open to the public. The speaker is Robert Younghanz – The Bug Guy.  (Fly fishermen should never pass up a chance to listen to an entomologist!)  It starts with a social half hour beginning at 6:30 PM, featuring a beverage and probably a snack, a live demonstration fly tyer, and an opportunity to join Trout Unlimited for a measly $20!

Follow the link to the website for more information and to learn about this organization!