11: Decorative Wraps

Wrapping a rod is a learning experience each time unless you do it more often than I do. I hope this blog will serve as a process reminder for all of us. In this post I will discuss decorative wraps, often called Trim Bands and Inlays, and at the end provide references to good online descriptions.Wrap Loops 640

I will wrap from left to right, producing the completed band seen in the last picture. The main thread is red. There will be yellow and black trim bands, and a metallic gold inlay. These are colors that I have on hand, and all together they look pretty good. Start by taping the two trim colors to the blank with four or five inches working area between the tape and a couple inches of thread past each tape end. Tape down two loops, one for each band. Start the main thread with four to six tight wraps to assure it stays in place.

I plan on two wraps of black and four wraps of yellow. Remove the tape over the loops and release the black thread from its tape. Wind two wraps of black thread by hand. I wrap away from myself here. Run the end of the black through a loop while holding it in position with a spare finger. Then pull the loop to the right, pulling the black thread under the main thread. Repeat this for four wraps of yellow using the second loop.Wrap Inlay 640

At this point the tag ends can be trimmed and covered with wraps of the main thread, but I like to continue the red thread leaving the tag protruding. This allows me to pull the tag ends tight if needed. If using a color preserver, I place a drop at the base of the tags to lock them in place.wrap Rt end 640

Continue turns of red until eights wraps from the left end of the inlay remain. Place the inlay color, gold, under the red, and wrap eight more turns over the gold. Now, make three turns of gold by hand. I wrap these toward me so that they don’t tend to unwrap the red. Be sure to wrap these turns over the red thread. Lock down the inlay by wrapping a few turns of red over the gold. Assure that the gold wraps are tight, and pack the red wraps to the left. Trim the gold thread leaving an eighth inch. Turns of red will cover this end. When the red has reach eight turns from its end, place two loops under the thread, and finish the eight turns. As before, do the two black turns over the red, and use a loop to pull the end under. Finish with the four yellow wraps, but this time place both the
red and yellow through the loop and pull them under. Dab the tags with color preserver and walk away. Upon return, trim all the tags and you are done.

You have heard the saying about skinning cats, and while cleaning fish I have seen the belly slit from throat to anus, and the other direction. Wrapping is the same way. I have shown one technique here. You can find others among builders and in the literature. You should look at Scott Youschak’s “Guide Wraps and Trim Bands” part 1 and part 2 on the internet. Search his name with “Trim Bands”.Wrap Comp 640Wrap w Tags 640

We have blogged through building three rods and decorative wrapping. Now I hope you someday experience the difference between, “The rod that Grand Pa made for me.” and “The rod that Grand Pa bought for me.” The next post discussing rod repair will be the last in this series. With that, I hope you will stop and say hello if you see me out fishing. I will likely be using one of these three rods.

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