Fly Drive – Project Healing Waters



Vise Squad

20 vises! Vise Squad 1/26/16

Rick at visesquad

Rick Takahashi

Keep them coming! Drop your flies off at Elkhorn!

Thanks to all of you who have donated flies for Project Healing Waters.  Our Vise Squad event was a good time, with 20 vises in operation and a many visitors.  Over 16 dozen flies were donated that evening!  And our drive will continue until the second Vise Squad event in February.

Our “Fly Drive” is a suggestion from from Israel Patterson, a veteran (and our demo tyer from 12/23) seeking to promote Project Healing Waters.  Your donated flies will be put top use by veterans participating in the group fishing trips organized by the Platte River Chapter, based in Cheyenne and serving veterans in Fort Collins and Loveland.  (On Tuesday we also were pleased to have John Birkenkotter as a guest – he’s the trip coordinator for the Denver chapter)

Between now and the end of our fly drive, we hope to host another couple of guest to tell us about this program, and the good work our flies will accomplish