Fly Casting Instruction for Experienced Flycasters


July 2, 2016      9:00AM  at Elkhorn Fly Shop  

Cost:  $30.00

Instruction by:  Jim Tilmant,

FFF Certified Casting Instructor

 This 2 hour class is designed to extend the skills of flyfishers who have a handle on the basics, but want to take their flycasting to a new level.  

Focus will be on increasing loop control, increasing distance, overcoming wind problems, and improving ability to get good drifts with your fly.  Students will learn how to improve their overhead casts, shoot line effectively, and will be introduced to hauling for more line speed and distance.  Specialty casts and aerial mends, to avoid fly drag and help adjust to various casting and stream conditions, will be discussed and practiced.    (This class will be on grass and will not involve time on the water) 

Skill Level:     Ability to make simple straight line casts of up to 40 ft, ability to repeatedly false cast 30 or more feet of line while maintaining control.

Class Size: Limited to 6 Students