Elkhorn Saturday Fly Tying Demonstration – Jim Rose

Mystery Saturday!

Who Shot J.R.?

Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

Who is John Galt?

and this Saturday, right here at Elkhorn Flyshop, we are going to try to learn

“Who is Bob?”

Our guest tyer this Saturday, Jim Rose, will be tying favorite patterns for his home waters near Laramie, featuring variations of “Bob’s Average Nymph”.


There has gotta be a great story behind this fly! Do your research and come prepared to grill Jim for hints on just who is this “Bob”, and what secret information would prompt him to tie a nymph that is “merely average”.


In addition to Bob’s nymph, Jim will be tying patterns such as the Grapefruit Leech and a GrizBug Bugger. Our task will be to determine what influence “Bob” may have had on these patterns as well!


Rick T. has fished with Jim, and his report was a wide-eyed “This man can catch Fish!”

Jim sent me a few photos of his catches to add to this post, but the pictures were TOO BIG!


It’s likely to be an interesting morning!


Bob's Averave Nymph


Stop by for coffee and a fun program. It’s free, and the place to be on a December Saturday Morning.