Tying Demo Season Ends

That’s all, folks!

We have come to the end of our Saturday Tying Demo season.  



dorsey imagePhil-Iwane-szdEric Pettineconnor 2013

Mark McMillan

Mark McMillan

Connor M with fish

Now it’s time to get them wet!

Around here,our fly-tying season never really ends, but with so much to do now that spring is established, our Saturday Demo program has ended for the 2015-2016 season.  Elkhorn Flyshop would like to thank our excellent slate of tyers, and Rick Takahashi for his efforts in putting the schedule together.  We discovered some new talent, including some who have been hiding in our own audience, and we expect to have another fantastic schedule next fall.

 And special thanks to you, our tying community, who make Elkhorn the place to be for fly tying!   Super special thanks to Eric Philp, who provided the donuts each Saturday.

Vise Squad! will continue all summer – join us every 2d and 4th Tuesday at the Big Beaver Brewery, 6PM!  If you don’t want to tie, join us anyway and consider it a demo with 15 tyers all at once!  (And bratwurst instead of donuts)