Welcome to Vise Squad!

When we first opened the flyshop years ago I kept hearing customers say  “I used to tie flies, but I just don’t have the time”.  Then one day a solution presented itself when one guy admitted  “If it was on my darn calendar I would tie!”     We now have two days a month to put on your calendar for fly tying!   At a brewery, no less!



Vise Squad is a mostly social tying club that meets on the Second and Fourth Tuesday of each month at the Big Beaver Brewing Co.  2707 W. Eisenhower Blvd, Loveland (four blocks east of the shop).    Tyers of all abilities attend, and beginners are especially welcome.  There are lots of friendly regulars happy to help.
Start time is whenever you get there (Marty is always there by about 6PM) and goes until you leave (some people wrap it up by 7:30, and most go home about 8:30, and there are some usual suspects that probably get asked to leave so the staff can go home.  It is entirely social – on a typical evening we have equal numbers of tyers and people who drop by to watch or just have a beer and talk fishing.  There are no fees, and no rules other than “tip the wait staff”.  
Each session Marty typically posts what he intends to tie, often something seasonal or about to become important on the local waters, so you can bring the same stuff and tie along.  You can also order a “Vise Squad! Sixpack”, a kit with a sample fly, tying instructions, and all the hooks and materials you need to tie another half dozen.   And of course it includes an actual demonstration – you can watch Marty tie one or two. 
Many tyers just disregard the post and bring what they need to tie replacements for their personal flybox. Bring a thirst, bring a friend, bring a question,  or leave everything at home and just bring an attitude!  Call the shop if you have any questions.   See you there!.

Check the menu for notes from past gatherings, and an “Agenda” for the next pending event.