At Elkhorn we are committed to small class size so you receive the full benefit of our knowledgeable instructors. Classes are scheduled for small groups and each class consists of three separate days which allow you to complete the build of your rod. Tools and equipment are available for your use, such as rod wrapping stations and the rod turner for applying the epoxy finish.

The class begins with a session in which you fit a grip and reel seat and assemble the butt section. Next, you learn how to align your rod sections with the spine, mark your rod guide spacing, and make thread wraps to secure the guides. Last, you will mix the epoxy and coat your thread wraps.

Pull Thru 640

The fee for our rod building class is $150. In addition to this fee, you will need to purchase an Elkhorn rod blank and the hardware kit which includes the components for the handle.

If you would like to build a rod, fill out and send the form below with your contact information, and we will answer any questions you have and help schedule you for instruction.

Rob Building Class

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