“The better your knots, the less often you have to tie them!”

Bring your nippers, because in this class you will be tying knots, knots, and more knots!  Learn to repair your leaders so you don’t need a new one every couple of hours.  Even better, learn to customize your leaders and choose the best knot for attaching your fly to enhance your presentation!   

This class is designed to cover everything you want to know about your terminal rig, beginning with knots:

  • the infamous nail knot, for attaching a new leader to a flyline
  • a surgeons knot and blood knot to splice tippet onto your leader 
  • alternative knots for attaching the fly, including the improved clinch knot, Davy’s knot, and an open loop knot
  • Multi purpose knots such as the Rapala loop, and a perfection loop

As we learn the knots, the class will cover rigging your flies, weight, and strike indicators.  We will have a discussion about tandem rigs, dropper systems, how far apart your flies should be, where to put your strike indicator, and the relationship between the amount of weight and placement of the indicator.  We will also cover stillwater rigs for fishing  under a slip-style indicator in lakes.

It’s an ambitious course, and you are sure to learn a few things that will make your life easier and bring a few more fish to the net!

The cost is only $65.  Heck, you’ll save that much in leaders and flies the first season!

Instructor:                 Marty Staab

Class size:                  limited to 4

Fee:                          $65

Required:                   All materials and tools are provided

This popular class will be repeated in future months. Watch your Emails or check back for future sessions!