Elkhorn’s Enhanced Fly Tying Course

This Fly Tying Course is a four day learning program designed to teach the beginning fly tying student the basic techniques and fundamentals of fly tying. This class is perfect for beginners, even those who have never before seen a fly tied! The course will be taught in four separate two to three hour sessions which will conducted over a four week period. Each session will begin at 5:00pm at the Elkhorn Fly Shop. Each student will learn how to use the tools and materials required for fly tying. All tools and materials will be provided as part of the cost of participation. At the conclusion of the course a comprehensive program booklet will be provided to each student which will cover all of the lessons including a list of materials and step-by-step instruction. Sixteen different patterns will be taught during the course giving the students opportunities to tie with different types of materials and types of flies.  

The location for all sessions is the Elkhorn Fly Shop in Loveland, CO.

FeeClass sizeSessionsPrimary Instructor
$3004Four (each session will be 2 – 3 hours long)Rick Takahashi

Rick is the author of Modern Midges and Modern Terrestrials. He is a past contributor for Fly Fisherman Magazine with articles on of fly tying and fly fishing. Rick is a demonstration Fly Tier for the Denver Fly Fishing Show and a national presenter of Midge and Terrestrial fly fishing strategies. He has been a fly tying instructor for over twenty years and a retired educator.

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Introduction to Fly Tying

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