Classes and Clinics


Wind Knots.  Tailing Loops.  Curve Casts.  Double Hauls.  Tight Loops.  Shooting Line.  Stacking Mends.  Roll Casts.  HELP!

Individual instruction in flycasting and general line management is available, and instruction is geared to the student’s goals.  Beginners may wish to learn the fundamentals of the casting stroke, or a long-time flyfisherman may just want a tuneup to eliminate bad habits or cure a nagging problem, or maybe you have booked a trip and want to be prepared to double-haul and shoot some bigger line a bit farther. 

The fee for instruction is $30 per hour of instruction for the first person, and if you bring a small group, the rate per person is reduced.  Just call the shop and tell us what you want to accomplish, and we will do our best to make it happen!