Our Fly Shop is focused on the needs of all fly fishing people regardless of your skill level. Our team’s consultative approach welcomes the people who are just starting out with fly fishing or fly tying and to those of you who are experienced but looking to advance your skills.

Rods, Reels and Terminal Tackle

The outstanding history of Elkhorn continues to drive our development and manufacturing of our own line of high quality fly rods and reels which are designed to satisfy the performance requirements of all types of fly fishing people around the globe. Most importantly we continue to offer rods and reels with quality and performance capabilities equivalent to the “Big Name Companies” but at much more affordable prices which satisfy the requirements of our customers. The money you save will enable you to purchase from our shop the lines, leaders, tippet, hooks, tools and other items you need for a successful day of fishing.



Tying Your Own Flies

Our shop offers an outstanding selection of fly tying materials, tools, hooks, threads, threads and vices for fly tiers of all skill levels. Our team is very experienced at tying flies and is always ready to assist you with yours needs for the next pattern you will be tying. We are recognized for having the best selection of products for tying flies in Northern Colorado. During the late Fall and through the winter months we offer Fly Tying Demonstrations at our shop. These demos are presented by experienced tiers who share their skills with our customers.


In order to help all of our customers with learning the skills required to fly fish, tie flies and build rods we offer classes which will satisfy all of your needs. Our classes are designed either for beginners or for those of you looking to advance your skills. Our team will help you figure out the best class for each of you!

Guided Trips

The location of our shop in Loveland, CO enables us to offer outstanding guided fly fishing trips in Rocky Mountain National Park, on the Poudre River and the Big Thompson River and some private waters. Our trips cater to your specific experience level and your goals for a trip. Our guides will enable you to have a fantastic time on the water while enjoying the beauty of Colorado.

Rod Building

For those of you interested in building your own fly rods we offer our Elkhorn Rod Blanks and the materials required to build a rod to your specific design. Our team has some of the most experienced rod builders in Northern Colorado and they willing to share their expertise with you. Stop in and start planning your rod building project.


At Elkhorn, superlative customer service and 100% customer satisfaction are our primary core business goals. Elkhorn rods and reels have a lifetime warranty against manufacturing or workmanship defects. Our no-nonsense guarantee is simple: If the rod gets broken, we replace the broken section(s) for a minimal fee plus shipping. If the reel has a problem, repairs/rebuilds are handled on a case by case basis and will cost about $50 plus shipping and insurance. So fish hard, you’re covered.

Our History

Elkhorn was established in 1990 and is located in Loveland, Colorado. This small company was founded on the vision of crafting quality fly rods and reels for down-to-earth fly fishers who value fine honest performance. With focus on product affordability, unmatched warranty service and perfect fly presentation, Elkhorn rods and reels deliver on all fronts. In fact, Elkhorn is often credited with revolutionizing the industry by introducing a whole new breed of fly rods and reels to the marketplace at a reasonable price point. Elkhorn now offers over 70 models of high performance, affordable fly rods in weights 1 through 12 and two different models of reels.

Elkhorn added to its success in 1998 by introducing precision machine cut fly reels to the affordable lineup. There are no “die-cast” or inexpensive shortcuts taken in the construction of these quality fly reels. Currently, the Premium Reel Series and Lamson Reel Series are offered to perfectly complement our fly rods.

Then in 2010, Elkhorn picked up the challenge of operating a full service fly shop. Beginning with the basics and growing each month, Elkhorn now features an outstanding fly tying department, an outstanding guide service, classes and an outstanding terminal tackle selection.

In 2016, Elkhorn was sold to the new owner Dan McGann. He brings a relentless passion for fly fishing combined with great business experience which delivers outstanding products and services for fly fishing women and men.