Cupboard Ant


 Cupboard Ant – HiViz

HOOK: Dai Riki 320-18

POST: antron yarn, hi viz orange plus chartreuse

BODY WalMart Ant Mat, cut lenghtwise and pulled apart 2 bumps at a time

HACKLE black saddle, 2 turns.

The cupboard mat used to create the ant bodies comes from WalMart. 

 Not positive who came up with the cupboard mat as ant bodies, but it wasn’t me!





Marty’s Mysis


Marty Mysis

HOOK:              Dai Riki 135#18

THREAD:          Pearlescent thread, or White 8/0

EYES:              small rubber round, black

ANTENNA/TAIL: Fluoro Fibre, pearl

FINISH:            Bug Bond UV resin, Lite formula


 In Colorado, the Mysis shrimp only occur in a few tailwaters, and these little protein pills grow some huge fish. With the attention these bruisers get from fishermen, there are times when a detailed imitation can make a difference.  Marty’s Mysis is a quick, fun tie that looks good!

You can get this fly at Elkhorn Flyshop, as well as the materials to tie your own.






Prince Charming is coming

Trout are worthy adversaries, and river fishing is always fun, but spring runoff can often limit your  options.  Time to expand your horizons and try a little fly-rodding for bass!  The Prince Charming foam frog is fun to tie, and the bass find it . . .  chewy.

Other good flyrod patterns for bass are poppers, crawfish, and Bluegill patterns.  Stop by Elkhorn and check them out!

Stay tuned for an upcoming video tutorial on tying the Prince Charming.


(Follow the link for some cool video of bass eating frogs)