Saturday Tying Demo – 4/1/17 – Pot Luck Demo


This Saturday is a Pot Luck Demo – you have been invited to bring your favorite pattern and sit behind the vise for a few minutes and show us how you do it!

(The date is probably a coincidence.)


Once again we are having an “open vise” session at our Saturday Demo.  

Let’s have some fun!  Bring a sample pattern, a hook or two, and a bag of the materials you need.  We will have a Peak vise, lamp, and an array of tools so you don’t need to bring much.

I have a few volunteers lined up, but need more, so please bring stuff and let me know when you arrive that you are prepared to tie.  Last year we had some good patterns, and certainly a good time.

Here’s the deal.  If we get enough volunteers to cover the first hour, we’ll move on to the “Tag Team” event.  

First, I’ll conscript two tyers to tie a wooly bugger as a team, using only one hand from each tyer.  





If that is successfully completed, I pledge to demonstrate my “Blindfolded Clouser”. I’ve already packed the necessary materials.  



Elkhorn hosts a guest tyer each Saturday at 10AM all winter, starting in September and through April and beyond.  It’s free, and all are welcome.  Drop by for coffee and fly tying and fishing talk!