Saturday Tying Demo – 1/21/17

Elkhorn Saturday Tying Demo presents – Matt Winkler

Matt Winkler fishes 12 months a year, and is reputed to come home only to do laundry and earn some gas money.  


There aren’t many places within 10 hours of here that Matt hasn’t fished, and probably hooked a big ‘un.  As you can see from the images, his expertise is not limited to trout. 

Join us this Saturday to see his tying demo, and help us get him talking.   With the breadth of his fishing experience, he’s likely to accidentally spill some secrets. . . . .

You can download a copy of Matt’s tying recipes here: Winkler Demo – January 21, 2017

 Elkhorn hosts a guest tyer each Saturday at 10AM all winter, starting in September and through April and beyond.  It’s free, and all are welcome.  Drop by for coffee and fly tying and fishing talk!



Matt Winkler Bonefish

Matt Winkler Bonefish

Matt Winkler Carp

Matt Winkler Freshwater Bonefish