Saturday Tying Demo – 10/24/15 – Judson Knowles

Judson is back! We enjoyed his presentation last season, and had a blast when he hosted a Vise Squad session. Join us this Saturday for more of his favorites, including soft hackles such as the Pheasant Tail pictured here.

Judson truly enjoys tying, and his enthusiasm is inspiring. You will most certainly leave this session wanting to tie a few of his patterns for your box.

If you haven’t attended before, our Saturday Tying Demo program features talented tyers from around the state, demonstrating their skills on the big screen monitor as we sit and drink coffee, take notes, eat donuts, and heckle our favorite tyers! It’s free, and a fun time.

We get started at 10AM, and finish around noon. Then you can shop for tying materials at our 10% discount for attendees!

softhackle pheasanttail

Soft Hackle Pheasant Tail, by Judson Knowles

Download a copy of Judson’s recipes for this Saturday here: Knowles Recipes 2015