Saturday Demo – Dick Shinton – 4/8/17

Shinton in his office

Dick Shinton in his office

 Don’t be nervous this week – there will be no more drafting of volunteers from the audience until further notice!

Many thanks to Jim, Benny, Norm, and the duo of Jerry and Kent, for stepping forward to demonstrate their patterns last week.  It made for a fun Saturday demo, I’m told the video has made the first cut at America’s Funniest Videos.

No offense to our volunteers, but we went back to a professional for this Saturday’s event.  Dick Shinton will be our guest, and we will want the benefit of the full two hours from this outstanding tyer and designer of flies.  

Dick guides extensively in Rocky Mountain National Park, and knows the hatches and rythms of that fishery like nobody else.  He has gladly shared these patterns with us at past demos, here at Elkhorn and at big shows like tying expos by the St. Vrain TU, Rocky Mountain Flycasters TU, and West Denver TU.  If you know half of what Dick does behind the scenes for flyfishing (St. Vrain TU; kids programs; fundraising) you share my admiration for this generous talent.

Dick Shinton Tying Lamp

Dick Shinton’s Tying Lamp

This season Dick is going a little different direction – back to the future!  He’s tying some old, venerable patterns, including bucktail streamers and soft hackles.

 Although they are traditional patterns, they should be a part of your future because they work, and are a load of fun to tie and fish!   Time to learn the wet-fly swing.

Click Here to download his recipe sheet for Saturday



Elkhorn hosts a guest tyer each Saturday at 10AM all winter, starting in September and through April and beyond.  It’s free, and all are welcome.  Drop by for coffee and fly tying and fishing talk!