Fly Tying Demo – Carl Pennington


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Pennington stones

 Elkhorn Saturday Fly Tying Demo

Saturday, January 24


This Saturday we welcome back Carl Pennington.  Carl ties a mean golden stonefly, and his demonstrations are always informative, both because of his technique and also because of his creativity.  

Carl designs flies for Montana Fly Company, and is a popular tyer at tying expos around the state.  You can check out Carl’s blog for more of his tying. 

Join us Saturday for coffee, a donut, and some expert tying!




Fly Tying Demo – John Pollock



 This may or may not be John Pollock.  I advised him to wear something subdued for the tying demo.

 Elkhorn Saturday Fly Tying Demo – John Pollock

  This Saturday we get a taste of “Before and After”. Our guest tyer is John Pollock – a recent transplant from Wisconsin – who will demonstrate some of his favorite trout flies from his former home, and patterns he has adopted for fishing Colorado tailwaters.  

(Just a thought – when people move to Colorado, there should be a welcome wagon kit that includes sunscreen, chapstick, and smaller flies.)

click Pollock fly recipes for a  preview of his patterns.  We will have copies available on Saturday as well.


Fly Tying Demonstration – Eric Philp

  Good news – Bad News

Great news! – Eric Philp will be our guest this Saturday 01/10/15.  His fly tying demonstration will include a couple of the hottest spring flies for the Bighorn River in Montana, and Eric’s variations on some of the most important flies on western waters.  Eric’s enviable fishing resume includes not only the Bighorn, but also numerous trips to Yellowstone and a variety of additional waters including a veteran’s understanding of the Poudre.  His list of recipes looks like a guide’s list of must-have patterns for all waters from Deckers Colorado to Fort Smith Montana.

 Join us for an informative session this Saturday!   Sneak preview!  Philps recipes 011015


The bad news is – we have to train someone new to run the camera!

Fly Tying Demo- Judson Knowles


This Saturday January 3 we welcome a first-timer – Judson Knowles.   Some of you may have seen his work at recent Vise Squad events, including some particularly tasty looking soft hackles.  His pattern list for tomorrow includes a mix of soft hackles, and his variations on some venerable patterns that appear in a high percentage of local flyboxes.  
Judson was a guest tyer at the St. Vrain Trout Unlimited fly tying expo last fall, and we are looking forward to his fly tying demo this Saturday.
Join us for this free event beginning at 10AM.  Bring your coffee mug!


Tying Demonstration – Marty Staab


 Drop by this Saturday 12/27 for our fly tying demonstration  featuring yours truly Marty Staab to see how many beadhead flashback pheasant tails I can tie in two hours!  A couple of pots of coffee to prime the pump and the PTs should pile up quickly!

Well, on second thought (and after discussing this with management) we will go with Plan B – a variety of stuff I have found interesting to tie or fish over the past season.  I’m still working on the recipe list, but you can expect a variety, such as the Purple Poison, Phoenix Caddis, Rainbow Warrior, a Stonefly or two, a fathead minnow, an EVA ant, Span Juan Worm, a UV Chewee Scud, Clouser crawfish, Bear Baetis, Crippled Thor, Pseudo Film Critic,  a Stillwater Caddis Pupa, Chubby Chernobyl, Space Ant, Ziggy Damsel, Callabunga,  Purple Haze, Patriot Beetle, Halfa Hopper, and time permitting, a “Jack Frost” snowman.  

And a yarn egg.

On Saturday I may or may not tie the flies pictured in the post.   

10AM to Noon, free, with coffee.


P.S.   I may need help carrying my tools and materials into the shop.  2 or 3 able bodies helpers should suffice.




 Palomino Midge Tenkara 1 STAAB IMG_3030IMG_3316


Elkhorn Saturday Tying Demo – Eric Pettine

 Elkhorn Saturday Tying Demonstration – Eric Pettine  

Saturday, December 6, 2014           10AM to noon 

We are excited to have Eric Pettine share his flytying talents with us  this Saturday.   His program will consist of a series of flies that help tyers over common hurdles in flytying.  

Eric has been flyfishing for 66 years, tying for 55 (and guiding for about the same), authored 2 books, written for the major flyfishing magazines, and participated in a video and hard copy ad campaign for Chevy Trucks. 

Erics Midge jpegs (13)

Eric’s Midge

Pettine Pyrite Caddis

Pyrite Caddis – Pettine

Eric Pettine image

Eric Pettine at play Rocky Mountain Flycasters TU – Fort Collins




Elkhorn Saturday Tying Demonstration – Matt Winkler


Elkhorn Saturday Tying Demonstration

10AM Saturday, November 29, 2014

Matt Winkler


 This Saturday Matt Winkler will be tying carp and streamer patterns of his own design, and possibly a few stillwater bugs.   Matt is an Umpqua Signature Fly Tier who fishes 12 months a year for  any species that can be caught on a fly.  Check out a few of the flies he tied for us last season.


Join us for a cup of coffee and a casual tying demonstration.  Remember to mention the Email coupon for 10% off on fly tying materials for demo attendees!

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