Elkhorn Saturday Tying Demo – 10/1/16

Featured Tyer – Jason Haddix

It’s fall, and time for kickoff! – Join us for our first week of the Elkhorn Saturday Tying Demo series for 2016-2017.   We’ve got lots of innovative tyers lined up, so visit the Elkhorn Saturday Fly Tying Demonstration web page for a schedule of tyers and program preview.  Make some space in your flyboxes.  You are certain to see some patterns you will want to add to your arsenal! 

Jason Haddix - Elkhorn Saturday Fly Tying Demo

Jason Haddix

 “Favorite Patterns”

Elkhorn Flyshop’s own Jason Haddix will kick off our tying demo season, featuring some of his favorite patterns, including trout patterns on tubes.   When you see the advantages of tying on tubes, and realize how simple it can be to get started, you will undoubtedly want to convert some of your favorite streamers and other trout patterns.

Jason is a true commercial tyer, and his Waters Edge Fly Company serves  customers from all quadrants of the country, tying high quality custom patterns for anything from trout to musky.  During the tying season he appears at flyfishing shows across the country,  including our own Denver, and regional exhibitions such as West Denver, Fort Collins, and Longmont.    Jason is a gifted deer hair fly tyer,  and experienced in tying Intruder and Tube style flies.