Elkhorn Saturday Tying Demo – 10-22-16

Featured Tyer – Steve “Drunk and Disorderly” Rogers

Gonga by Steve Rogers

      Gonga by Steve

Come by Saturday to our Tying Demo to see if that description is Steve’s alias, or just a nickname.

This Saturday, his theme will be “Tying Meat”, and since he is incapable of keeping a secret, this will be a fantastic opportunity to interrogate him on where, when and how to fish big streamers.

If you attended last year’s demo by Steve,  or if you have been to a Vise Squad! event, you know that Steve and his henchmen Jon, Chuck and Keegan are the ones covered in marabou and rabbit by night’s end after another big streamer session.

Steve is always looking for hot new designs, and not just streamers – he is our source for some deadly caddis dries and sowbug imitations. 


 Join us Saturday, and make sure to let me introduce you to Elkhorn’s new owners Jim and Dan McGann.  (Dan’s fishing log covers an incredible array of Colorado waters.  He doesn’t know it yet, but he’s due for our Elkhorn Arm Twist to see if he’s any better at keeping secrets than Steve!)

Here’s a link to  Steve Rogers Recipes for 10-22-16

Elkhorn Flyshop presents a fly tying demonstration  each Saturday at 10AM, from September through at least April, featuring some of the most talented and notable tyers in Northern Colorado.  It’s free!  Join us for fresh coffee, a donut or cookie, and some amazing demonstration tying.