Kyukuot, BC Salmon Fishing

Kyukuot is on the north west coast of Vancouver Island. There I found small river fishing for Coho (silver) and Chum salmon in untouched old growth Coho 3forest. A group of us traveled for two days from Colorado to Kyukuot in 2014. The same trip occurred in 2013 and 2015. Ocean fishing is available, but for us it was a fly fishing adventure among the old trees and black bears, usually within a mile of salt water. The Rugged Point Lodge, our home at Kyukuot, was a boat ride to the fishing where owner Matt and his guides were the only people we saw on the river except for two wildlife guys snorkeling down stream to count fish. Read the full story here: FishKyuquot.


Jim Cooper


Super Grand Slam

I fished the Cameron Pass area intending to catch a Grand Slam (four trout) and maybe a grayling. Instead I caught a six fish slaTiger640m including a tiger trout, pictured here. It was the first I had seen. I understand they are a non-reproducing cross between a brook trout and a brown trout. They must be a accomplished predator with that ancestry. If you would like to see images of all six fish, read the whole story, and learn where most were caught, click Slam Article

Jim Cooper

Super Duper Grand Slam


Super Duper Grand Slam

Jim Cooper, August 10, 2015

SuperDupperSlamFrom top right:  Cutthroat, Brown, Grayling, Rainbow, Brook Trout, and Tiger Trout

Silvers, Bears and Broken Fly Rods!

Believe it or not I broke this rod (Traveler 9′ 10wt) on a 20lb Silver in Kodiak, Alaska the fish was a fighter and it kept coming out of the water and I was getting him close to the bank when a 9 foot bear came into the water across the river from me and the fish was not all fought out but with a bear swimming my way across the hole from me and the fish I tried to drag it out of the water so that I could get it off of my line. The fish took another jump the bear was hauling ass my way and I was yanking when I heard snap…. The rod was in pieces and the fish was still on so I grabbed the fly line and yanked and broke off the line and backed away from the river. The bear was pissed and I had to pepper spray it to leave us alone. It was a crazy day on the river I really like the way this fly rod handles and am excited to get back to Kodiak this September to chase more Silvers, and less bears….

Thanks, for making such a great fly rod.

Brad Brian