Flycasting in Saltwater class

Diana Bonefish 0030“Fish, 2 O’Clock, 200 feet!.  Now what do you do?

Prepare yourself for that destination trip to the Bahamas or Florida or any other saltwater trip with this class focused on flycasting.  Learn  how to deal with challenges unique to the salt, such as estimating distance, communicating with a guide, getting your line ready, and delivering your fly the right distance, on target, and ready to go!



Instruction by:  Jim Tilmant, FFF Certified Casting Instructor

Prepare to get the most out of your saltwater destination!  This 2 hour class will help introduce you to special skills and techniques to enhance your saltwater flyfishing.  How to manage your line so you are ready when a fish is sighted, how to locate fish when the guide says “Two O’Clock, 100 feet!”, and how to get your fly on target without delay.   (This class will be on grass and will not involve time on the water)

Skill Level:  Intermediate level casters capable of false casting and shooting moderate amounts of line.

Class Size:       Limited to 6 Students

Cost:                $35.00 / person


Casting Class with Jim Tilmant - Saltwater Casting

Saltwater casting class
  • Price: $50.00
    Everything saltwater - lines, communication with guides, wind, and presentation.